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Soaring Adventure Zip Line Tour: Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado Springs, the Broadmoor Soaring Adventure offers an exhilarating zip line experience that harmoniously blends the thrill of flying with the majestic beauty of the natural world. This world-class adventure, celebrated as a TripAdvisor Top Ten Worldwide Attraction, invites outdoor enthusiasts to embark on an unforgettable journey across two distinct courses - the Fins and Woods - each offering a unique perspective on the rugged beauty of the Colorado wilderness.

The Fins Course propels you through a thrilling voyage that soars above and between towering rock formations, known locally as "The Fins." This course captures the essence of high-altitude excitement, featuring zip lines that stretch across vast canyons, offering panoramic views that will leave you breathless. The Fins Course is an architectural marvel, blending seamlessly with the natural topography to provide an adrenaline rush like no other. Participants glide at dizzying heights, with each zip line offering a new vantage point of the stunning landscape below, including glimpses of the Broadmoor Seven Falls, a series of cascading waterfalls that embody the wild heart of Colorado.

The Fins Course includes:

  • 5 ziplines, 250 to 1800 ft long
  • Heights of 500 ft
  • 2 rope bridges
  • 180 ft assisted rappel


The Woods Course:

Offers a contrasting experience, inviting guests to zip through the lush canopy of the Pike National Forest. This course is a testament to the serene beauty of the Colorado woodlands, with zip lines and suspension bridges that meander through the dense forest, over creeks, and past wildlife. It's an immersive nature experience that combines the thrill of zip-lining with the tranquil beauty of the forest landscape, making it perfect for those who seek both adventure and a deep connection with nature.

Combo Course Zip Line Tour:  If just one of our Colorado Springs zip line courses is not enough, you have the option to do the Combo Course! Enjoy the beauty and features of both zip line courses, all in the same day! After a quick drive up the mountain, you will be geared up and start Ground School. You will learn and practice all the essentials for ziplining. The Combo course begins with two 300 foot ziplines on the Woods Course. After a quick walk, you will embark on 2 zips traversing a 150 ft deep canyon. Make sure to look down to see Midnight Falls! Your guides will then hook you up to the second longest zip of the day. Make sure to take in the views of the forest below as you land on the platform 1500 ft away.After finishing the Woods Course, you will have a 10-15 minute hike to reach the sixth zipline and enter the Fins Course. You are only one zip away from the iconic rope bridges. Get excited! The two 200 ft bridges traverse the rock fins that give the course it’s name. Test your nerves by walking across without holding onto the sides! As you cross the seventh zip, you will reach the highest point of 505 ft and see some of the most impressive views of the day. You will land on a platform suspended on the side of a cliff.

  • 8 ziplines, 250 to 1800 ft long
  • Heights of 500 ft
  • 25 min hike between courses
  • 2 rope bridges
  • 180 ft assisted rappel


Cog and Zip Package:

For those looking to maximize their adventure, The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure presents an unparalleled opportunity to pair a morning ascent to the summit of Pikes Peak aboard the COG Railway with an afternoon of zip-lining. This unique combination allows adventurers to start their day with a scenic railway journey up Pikes Peak, known as "America's Mountain." The COG Railway, with its steep ascent and breathtaking views, provides a memorable experience, culminating in stunning panoramas from the summit. After soaking in the views and perhaps enjoying a famous Pikes Peak doughnut, guests can descend to engage in the thrilling zip line courses in the afternoon, making for a day of adventure that encapsulates the best of Colorado Springs.


The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure stands out not only for its exhilarating courses but also for its commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. Expert guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, making it accessible to adventure seekers of all skill levels. Whether you're gliding through the air on the Fins Course, exploring the lush landscapes of the Woods Course, or enjoying the iconic journey up Pikes Peak, the Broadmoor Soaring Adventure offers an unparalleled adventure that captures the spirit of the Colorado outdoors.

The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure is more than just a zip line experience; it's an invitation to connect with nature, challenge your boundaries, and witness the breathtaking beauty of Colorado Springs from a perspective few have the chance to see. It's an adventure that leaves lasting memories, thrilling stories to share, and a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of the world.


Quick Info

  • Level Beginner-Intermediate
  • Duration 3-4 hours
  • Participants 8
  • Age 10-80+, subject to weight restrictions
  • Times Hourly-9:30-3:30



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