Broadmoor Hunt


Explore The Broadmoor in a whole new way using our app based scavenger hunt. This interactive activity is perfect for groups large or small. The Broadmoor Hunt utilizes your phone’s camera and video functions in order to complete challenges around the hotel premises.

Some of these challenges include taking a picture or video while some challenges require more interaction. Uncover the history that surrounds you as you follow clues and solve riddles that make The Broadmoor a unique functioning museum.

The Broadmoor Hunt allows guests to challenge one another as individual teams or work together to accomplish the 35+ challenges spanning all corners of the resort. Questions are given to groups in a random order, allowing the group members to prioritize and determine their desired route. Each team will select a unique route, however they frequently see each other along the way, adding to the competitive nature of the event.

See what the competition is up to with a live feed leaderboard and real time feedback from Broadmoor Outfitters staff. This is the perfect way to get the whole group exploring the beauty and history that is The Broadmoor.



Quick Info

  • Level Easy
  • Duration 1.5-2 Hours
  • Participants 2 or more
  • Age All Ages
  • Time Daily 10a-3p
  • Note Reservation Required



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