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Broadmoor Soaring Adventure COMBO COURSE ZIPLINE If just one of our Colorado Springs zip line courses is not enough, you have the option to do the Combo Course! Enjoy the beauty and features of both zip line courses, all in the same day! After a quick drive up the mountain, you will be geared up and start Ground School. You will learn and practice all the essentials for ziplining. The Combo course begins with two 300 foot ziplines on the Woods Course. After a quick walk, you will embark on 2 zips traversing a 150 ft deep canyon. Make sure to look down to see Midnight Falls! Your guides will then hook you up to the second longest zip of the day. Make sure to take in the views of the forest below as you land on the platform 1500 ft away.After finishing the Woods Course, you will have a 10-15 minute hike to reach the sixth zipline and enter the Fins Course. You are only one zip away from the iconic rope bridges. Get excited! The two 200 ft bridges traverse the rock fins that give the course it’s name. Test your nerves by walking across without holding onto the sides! As you cross the seventh zip, you will reach the highest point of 505 ft and see some of the most impressive views of the day. You will land on a platform suspended on the side of a cliff.

8 ziplines, 250 to 1800 ft long
Heights of 500 ft
25 min hike between courses
2 rope bridges
180 ft assisted rappel

Get ready for the longest zipline of our course at 1800 feet long! Below you can see the path leading other guests to the bottom of the seven falls. Make sure to let them know how much fun you are having! In order to finish the course, our guides will hook you up to our assisted rappel stations. You will descend the 180 ft to the canyon floor. Those visiting Seven Falls will watch in amazement as you rappel off the ridge.

To finish an exciting couple hours in the mountains, you will get to enjoy the Seven Falls park and restaurant 1858 at your leisure. When you are finished, make your way to the entrance of the park to catch a shuttle back to the Broadmoor.

Quick Info

  • Level Challenging
  • Duration 4 Hours
  • Participants 8
  • Age All Ages



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