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Colorado Springs is a great place for a drive-in vacation, a staycation, or a fly in adventure. No matter where you are from, let our staff show you what Colorado hospitality is all about.

Brilliant Trips
Unforgettable Experiences

Our 30+ activities will help you, and those who are important to you create memories that last. Whether you are zipping over a canyon, 500 ft in the air, or experiencing the thrill of falconry, we promise, these are thrills that you won’t forget.

Unique Outdoor

It’s not everyday you get a chance to go eye to eye with a harris hawk. You can with Broadmoor Outfitters. Throw authentic tomahawks, no problem, we have got you covered. Exceed 55 MPH on our zip-lines…a walk in the park. If it’s in the outdoors, we can make sure you enjoy.

Superior accommodations
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We are based on the property of the five star Broadmoor Hotel. If your budget allows, this is a hotel like no other. If the Broadmoor isn’t in your plans, try one of Colorado Springs other fine hotels or Airbnb options.

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With activities that range from mild to wild, our staff of professional guides are ready to show you the adventurous side of Colorado.Enjoy Zip Lines, Falconry, Tomahawk Throwing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Guided Hiking and more…

From Garden of the Gods
Unforgettable activities

Colorado Springs Falconry at The Broadmoor

Adventurous and Invigorating Activities

Our Adventurous and Invigorating activities are perfect for a wide range of participants. They are great for all age ranges and help reconnect you with nature.

These activities include:

  • Falconry
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paintball
  • Axe Throwing

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Black Diamond

Our Black Diamond Activities are not for the faint of heart. 1800 ft long zip lines, suspension bridges, top-roped rock climbing, and more.

While these events are appropriate for most guests, they are guaranteed to push your comfort zone.

  • Fins Course Zip Line
  • Combo Zip Line Tour
  • Colorado Mountain Biking
  • Guided Rock Climbing
  • Hiking

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Over 32 adventure
activities for all ages!

We have over 32 activities available all leaving from our Colorado Springs adventure base, some of which are pictured below. For full list please visit the activities section.

Colorado Springs Falconry at The Broadmoor

Falconry Experience

WHAT IS FALCONRY? Falconry, the art of flying trained birds of prey after wild quarry, is alive and well in the United States. Imagine the thrill of walking through a field with a falcon flying above your head at 1,000 feet or higher. She is waiting for you to flush a pheasant from the bushes. You know it is there because your well trained pointers have indicated. When the falcon is in the proper position, you flush the game, the falcon turns and begins its head first dive. Your adrenaline is rushing. The next thing you know, the falcon hits the pheasant in the air, binds to it, then carries it to the ground where she will patiently await her reward. This is Falconry….

Picture yourself walking through a field hitting every piece of brush and trying to flush out rabbits. Your Harris Hawk follows you from tree to tree, waiting and anticipating the flushing of game. Suddenly a rabbit breaks from the brush, the hawk quickly takes off, and turns to chase the rabbit in aggressive pursuit. Eventually the rabbit out maneuvers the hawk, he turns in mid-air and returns to your glove for a small reward.

This is Falconry….

THE SPORT OF KINGS.   Historically, falconry was used as status symbol for the nobles of Medieval Europe, Middle East, and Mongolian Empire. The sport was mainly restricted to these classes due to the commitment of time, money, and space. Although the nobles would not train the birds themselves, they would pay Master Falconers extravagant sums of money. The Master of the Mews was in charge of obtaining, grooming, and keeping the best hawks in constant readiness for hunting. Thus, Falconry became the Sport of Kings!Within nomadic societies, birds of prey were not a status symbol. Instead, falcons were trapped and used to hunt small game during the winter months. These falcons helped to supplement their very limited diet.

Falconry Experiences

Beginners Lesson

The Broadmoor Falconry Beginners Lesson offers guests the rare opportunity to experience the 4,000-year-old sport of falconry, or “the sport of kings”. This incredible beginners lesson allows you to feel the thrill of working with majestic birds of prey. Most of our lesson takes place against the backdrop of Colorado Springs, one of the most scenic areas in the country. You will get the chance to interact with a variety of captive-bred, trained birds, including owls, falcons, and hawks.The lesson begins with a flying demonstration and a chance to learn about the fascinating history of this sport. You will be transported to our mews where you will meet the rest of our birds. After learning the appropriate techniques from our professional guides, you will get to hold a trained hawk on your fist. This lesson is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Intermediate Lesson. Once you’ve had a taste of falconry during the beginner’s lesson, you’ll want to book an intermediate lesson — an amazing, hands-on excursion with a trained Harris Hawk. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll venture out onto one of The Broadmoor’s scenic trails.Once there, you will don a falconry glove, and have a trained hawk placed on your gloved fist. Under supervision of our expert, you will cast the hawk into a nearby pine and watch as it follows you from tree to tree, returning right to your glove for a small reward. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Easy
  • 1.5 Hours
  • 14

Fins Course Zip Line

There is no better way to experience the Front Range than by zipline. Come experience one of the top zipline courses in the world! The Fins Course is our more extreme option with added exposure, steep drops, and high altitude zip lining. For a milder option, check out our Woods Course. If you want to experience both courses, check out the Combo Course!
5 ziplines, 250 to 1800 ft long
Heights of 500 ft
2 rope bridges
180 ft assisted rappel
The tour starts much like the Woods Course with two warm up zips before getting into the cliff condition style zips that gradually get longer and longer. The third zip offers an excellent view of the Seven Falls Canyon and Colorado Springs as you land near the rock “fins”. These fin like formations are the inspiration for the name of this course!
From the cliff side, you will walk over a 200 foot rope bridge to the eastern fin. From there, you can see just how large the Broadmoor and Colorado Springs are.  After taking in the views and walking the second bridge, you will find yourself zipping 1,333 feet across the canyon to the south side of Mt. Cutler! Your heartbeat begins to rise as you cross over the canyon road 509 feet below before landing on the cliff side.
As you catch your breath and look up and down the Seven Falls canyon, your guides will begin to clip you into the final zip. Prepare to zip 1,800 feet up the canyon! Don’t forget to look down at the park visitors below! If the fifth zip wasn’t enough, we have added a unique ending to the Fins course. You will end the tour with a 180 foot assisted rappel to the canyon floor.  Those visiting Seven Falls will watch in amazement as you rappel off the ridge.

To finish an exciting couple hours in the mountains, you will get to enjoy the Seven Falls park and restaurant 1858 at your leisure. When you are finished, make your way to the entrance of the park to catch a shuttle back to the Broadmoor.

  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • 3-4 hours
  • 8

Wood Course Zip Line

Experience the thrill of soaring through the ponderosa pine forests and high above Midnight Falls. The Woods Course, our less extreme option, includes 5 ziplines ranging from 250 to 1500 feet. You will reach heights of 150 feet and speeds of 45 miles an hour. For a more adrenaline inducing course, check out the Fins Course! If you want to experience all of our ziplines, check out our Combo Course!
5 ziplines, 250 to 1500 ft long
Heights of 150 ft
Speeds of 45 mph
Soar over a waterfall
Our awesome guides will take your group through a brief lesson on braking and other zip line techniques before actually entering the course itself. All guests will get to practice their skills in ground school. The first two zips are considered “warm up” lines ranging from 250 to 310 feet long. You will began to get a feel for the zipping techniques as you see the trees go rushing past.
After the second zip, there will be a short walk to the third line where the terrain opens up into a perfect setting looking up and down the canyon.  Standing on top of the granite rock formation, you can revel in the gorgeous scenery before taking your first airy 467-foot ride over the creek 150 feet below.  As you slow down for the landing, you will notice a natural arch to their left just before touching down.
As the excitement begins to spread, your guides will lead your group back across the canyon, touching down above Midnight Falls. Here, you will get a birds’ eye view of the area behind the falls as they stand on one of the highest points in the Seven Falls area. You will finish the Woods Course by zipping 1,500 feet above the hiking trails below to the final platform.

After degearing, you will say goodbye to your guides! You are free to explore the park at your leisure. But, your guides will give you instructions on how to make your way to the entrance of the park and back to the Broadmoor. You will have a short hike and walk down the 224 steps in front of the Seven Falls. To finish an exciting couple hours in the mountains, you will get to enjoy the Seven Falls park and restaurant 1858 at your leisure. When you are finished, make your way to the entrance of the park to catch a shuttle back to the Broadmoor.

  • Beginner
  • 3 Hours
  • 8

Combo Course Zip line

Broadmoor Soaring Adventure COMBO COURSE ZIPLINEIf just one of our Colorado Springs zip line courses is not enough, you have the option to do the Combo Course! Enjoy the beauty and features of both zip line courses, all in the same day! After a quick drive up the mountain, you will be geared up and start Ground School. You will learn and practice all the essentials for ziplining. The Combo course begins with two 300 foot ziplines on the Woods Course. After a quick walk, you will embark on 2 zips traversing a 150 ft deep canyon. Make sure to look down to see Midnight Falls! Your guides will then hook you up to the second longest zip of the day. Make sure to take in the views of the forest below as you land on the platform 1500 ft away.
After finishing the Woods Course, you will have a 20-25 minute hike to reach the sixth zipline and enter the Fins Course. You are only one zip away from the iconic rope bridges. Get excited! The two 200 ft bridges traverse the rock fins that give the course it’s name. Test your nerves by walking across without holding onto the sides! As you cross the seventh zip, you will reach the highest point of 505 ft and see some of the most impressive views of the day. You will land on a platform suspended on the side of a cliff.
8 ziplines, 250 to 1800 ft long
Heights of 500 ft
25 min hike between courses
2 rope bridges
180 ft assisted rappel
Get ready for the longest zipline of our course at 1800 feet long! Below you can see the path leading other guests to the bottom of the seven falls. Make sure to let them know how much fun you are having! In order to finish the course, our guides will hook you up to our assisted rappel stations. You will descend the 180 ft to the canyon floor. Those visiting Seven Falls will watch in amazement as you rappel off the ridge.

To finish an exciting couple hours in the mountains, you will get to enjoy the Seven Falls park and restaurant 1858 at your leisure. When you are finished, make your way to the entrance of the park to catch a shuttle back to the Broadmoor.
  • Challenging
  • 4 Hours
  • 8

SUP lessons in Colorado Springs

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding–SUPing Colorado SpringsStand Up Paddle Boarding (SUPing) is a one of the fastest growing aquatic sports in the US and it is a great way to get outside and explore your local lakes or bays. But let’s face it. If you have rented gear and tried to learn to SUP on your own, the frustration of getting started could cancel out any potential fun that you might have had.
While you were on vacation you might have rented a SUP set up, board, paddle and life vest. You grab the SUP and head to the water. Pretty soon you realized there is a lot more to this than you thought. “How do I get this SUP to go straight?” you think. Then you loose your balance, fall off the board and spend the next 15 minutes struggling to get back on. Tired, frustrated and ready to give up, you head back to the rental shop and decide SUPing just isn’t for you.
Well, if you give Broadmoor Outfitters a try, we promise, you will have a different experience. Our combination of top notched boards, lightweight paddles, comfortable PFD’s and top notched instruction assure you will have a Colorado Springs Adventure to remember.

SUP lessons in Colorado Springs
Learn new SUP skills with Broadmoor Outfitters

Intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding:Everyone is welcome in this class.
Paddling instruction takes place on a local lake Colorado Springs lake. We begin with a 20 minute equipment, paddling and safety orientation on land, followed by on water paddling basics. Following the instructional session, guests are given ample time to begin to home their new SUP skills under the watchful eye of their instructor.
Skills covered include:
• Paddle Strokes: Forward, stop, reverse turns, forward and reverse sweeps. Introduce draw strokes, focus on side draw
• Footwork: Changing footwork with turns
• Rescue skills: Self rescues with or without PFD, mounting the board from the middle or tail
Offered daily at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM

  • Easy
  • 2.5 Hours
  • 8

Wild West Experience

What better way to be immersed in Colorado than to learn the ways of the wild west! During the Wild West Experience, you will get the chance to participate in archery, air rifle shooting, and throw traditional tomahawks!
Start the morning by experiencing the feel of traditional archery with skilled instructors and groomed facilities. Prior to entering the shooting range, participants will receive a safety briefing and introduction to the skills necessary to succeed.
Following archery, try your hand our high powered .22 air rifles. Guests will have a chance to shoot at a wide range of dynamic pellet rifle targets. Our range is designed to offer participants of all ages a chance to be successful in hitting a variety of targets.
With archery and air rifles out of the way, participants have the chance to try their hand at a traditional, 2.5 turn tomahawk throw. Under the instruction of a guide, learn the proper technique and skills to stick a tomahawk in a wooden target at 8.5 paces.

  • Easy
  • 2.5 Hours
  • 12

E-bike Tours

Garden of the Gods Tour

Ride around the mesmerizing towering sandstone formations of Garden of The Gods on one of our Trek Rail 7 Electric bikes. This tour allows you to see these majestic rock formations from various angles as you ride along the paved road around the park. Our guides will inform you of the history of Garden of The Gods and provide background on Colorado Springs.

Our experienced guides will provide the best route to best experience the Garden of the Gods. Beautiful views of Pikes Peak are seen in the distance and contrast amazingly with the red rocks. This tour will require some effort as your ride up and down the flowing road around the park for approximately 5 miles.
Trek E-bike

  • Easy-Intermediate
  • 3 Hours
  • 8

Guided Rock Climbing

Looking for a new challenge in a new environment? Grab your family and experience rock climbing during the Vertical Challenge at The Broadmoor.
Join your skilled climbing guide and spend a couple hours rock climbing at some of the local climbing hot spots which may include Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Cañon, or Red Rock Canyon. Climbing locations will be chosen based on the skills of the participants. During this experience, you will learn basic knots, climbing safety, and belay techniques. Then, our guides will help you conquer one of our many challenging natural routes.
This experience has been designed for the new climber or the climber who wants to transition from the indoor gym to real rock.
If you would like a longer or more depth experience, go ahead and book our full day tour!
All equipment is provided; just bring is a sense of adventure and a willingness to have fun.
Rock Climbing in Cheyenne Canyon with Broadmoor Outfitters

  • Easy-Difficult
  • 2.5-6 Hours
  • 12

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

There are many different methods to explore Colorado. Why not join one of our guided mountain bike tours? You will get to explore Colorado’s unique terrain in a fast paced, adrenaline filled, scenic tour. If you would like to explore on your own, we rent bikes! We have hybrid, mountain, and fat tire bikes.
Come experience the best mountain biking Colorado Springs has to offer in Red Rock Canyon, North Cheyenne Canon, or Ute Valley Park. An experienced guide will select the best local single-track trails for the group based on your experience and skill. Our skilled guides can select the perfect technical ride for beginner or advanced riders!
Come experience a Colorado Springs gem by bike! This tour is a non-technical bike ride through the Garden of the Gods with a professional guide showing you the best views. You will be required to expend some effort as  you ride the rolling hills on a paved road around the park for approximately 5 miles or less.

  • Easy
  • 3 Hours
  • 12

Safe hiking in Colorado Springs

Guided Hikes


The mountains surrounding The Broadmoor are full of classic hikes with epic views. Join our seasoned guides and enjoy the opportunity to learn about and experience these spectacular areas. The variety of terrain allows our guides to introduce you to a wide range of trails during your stay.Guided hiking is the perfect way to experience the Front Range. If you would like to explore on your own, check out some of our trail maps!
Experience the beauty of Garden of the Gods, the serenity of Cheyenne Cañon or push yourself to the physical limits as you summit Pikes Peak or another one of Colorado’s 14ers. Let us know what type of guided hiking you want to do, and we will find an appropriate location!If you would like to have an in-depth, learning experience, take a hike with our certified interpretive guide! Discover how geological and meteorological events shaped our unique landscape and continue to effect changes today. Explore the flora and fauna of the mountain, canyons, and valleys. Learn about the people who have lived in the shadow of Pikes Peak, past and present.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Hiking Options:
Price: $135+ per person
Duration: 3 hours (longer hikes can be accommodated)
For larger families or groups, please visit our Corporate Hiking Page. The price above may not be applicable.
Price: $135+ per person
Duration: 3 hours (longer hikes can be accommodated)
Price: $600+ per person
Duration: 9 hours
Availability: Offered upon request

  • Easy-Difficult
  • 3 Hours
  • 12

E-Bike Rentals


At The Broadmoor, an entire fleet of high-end ebikes are at your disposal. Choose from our fleet of Trek Rail Electric Mountain Bikes. The Rail 7 series features pedal assist power and an intelligent eMTB mode that will deliver the right amount of power based on your terrain. The Full Suspension Model
allows you to enjoy any trail close to the Broadmoor!
Our unique rental structure allows you to rent a bike for two to eight hours. You’ll find breathtaking scenery at every turn of the amazing trails or meandering neighborhoods that surround The Broadmoor property. Make sure to ask for a map and recommendations when you pick up your ebike!
If you are looking for a guided tour, check out our Guided E-Bike tours!
Please call for current pricing and availability.

  • Easy-Difficult
  • 2-8 Hours
  • 10+

Bike Rentals


There are plenty of trails just minutes away from the Broadmoor! Our bike rentals will let you explore the Front Range at your leisure. If you would like a guide, check out our guided mountain bike tours. Call us at 719.471.6168 to reserve your bike today!
Our Fuji hybrid and hardtail mountain bikes are the perfect vehicle to explore the Front Range. Come down to Base Camp (South Tower) to pick up some bikes and a trail map!
We have an elite fleet of Borealis Fat Bikes available for rent. Borealis is a Colorado Springs based company that is one of the fat bike industry leaders. These bikes are perfect for an exciting ride in the snow. The fat tires allow you to get more traction in snow, gravel, and sand. Come try one today!
If you would like a Full Suspension Mountain Bike or a Road Bike, give us a call! We are more than happy to provide a high end bike for you to utilize during your stay. We can also accommodate specific pedal requests.
Call for current pricing and reservations

  • Easy-Difficult
  • 1-8 Hours
  • All Ages

Broadmoor Hunt

Explore The Broadmoor in a whole new way using our app based scavenger hunt. This interactive activity is perfect for groups large or small. The Broadmoor Hunt utilizes your phone’s camera and video functions in order to complete challenges around the hotel premises.
Some of these challenges include taking a picture or video while some challenges require more interaction. Uncover the history that surrounds you as you follow clues and solve riddles that make The Broadmoor a unique functioning museum.
The Broadmoor Hunt allows guests to challenge one another as individual teams or work together to accomplish the 35+ challenges spanning all corners of the resort. Questions are given to groups in a random order, allowing the group members to prioritize and determine their desired route. Each team will select a unique route, however they frequently see each other along the way, adding to the competitive nature of the event.
See what the competition is up to with a live feed leaderboard and real time feedback from Broadmoor Outfitters staff. This is the perfect way to get the whole group exploring the beauty and history that is The Broadmoor.

  • Easy
  • 1.5-2 Hours
  • 5-100

Paintball Challenge

Welcome to the world of paintball!
During your stay at The Broadmoor, experience one of the fastest growing sports in America. As you arrive at our wooded field, you and your team will feel the excitement grow as we discuss safety and game rules, and are issued gear and paintball markers. During your three hours at the Broadmoor Outfitters paintball course, you will participate in multiple game scenarios.
These games might include capture the flag, where teams compete to be the first to retrieve the opposing team’s flag, or elimination, a timed game where the team with the most members left at the end of a predetermined time, wins. The price per person includes everything needed to enjoy the competition. Each team member will receive a semi-automatic gun, paintballs, coveralls, and a face shield. So, put your goggles on and feel the excitement of the pursuit
Pricing: $164+ per participant
Availability: Tuesday and Friday at 9:30a, with reservation
Duration: 3 hours
If your group has 4 or more players, and would like to play outside our normal tours, just give us a call!

  • Easy
  • 3 Hours
  • 12


Geocaching allows families and friends to work together to accomplish the ultimate scavenger hunt by using a combination of maps, GPS’s, clues, and answers to complete the quest. Some objects and answers can be collected at specific locations while others must simply be observed throughout the event.
Locations are given to groups in a random order, allowing the group members to prioritize and determine their desired route. Each team will select a unique route, however they frequently see each other along the way, adding to the competitive nature of the event. Our geocaching course is designed for younger kids 10 and younger. If you would like another fun family activity, check out our Broadmoor Hunt!

  • Easy
  • 2 Hours
  • 3-9

Bee Bunch Children’s Camp

Broadmoor Nannies’ Bee Bunch Camp is a fun way for the children of Broadmoor Guests and members to spend their vacation, or at least part of it, exploring Colorful Colorado. Our camp counselors have planned a wide variety of fun, age-appropriate activities for the Bumblebees (3-7 years) and Mason Bees (8-12 years) including outdoor lessons, arts and crafts, STEM activities and nature walks, as well as field trips to Cheyenne Zoo and more!
Lunch is included for full-day campers and dinner for evening campers. Lunch  (12p-1p) may be added to any half-day camp for a fee.
Bee Bunch is offered daily Memorial Day through Labor Day, as well as select dates from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and on New Year’s Eve. Camps can also be arranged throughout the year with a minimum of three children and at least two weeks’ notice.
Bumblebees: 3-7 years*
Mason Bees: 8-12 years
*Children must be fully potty-trained
Half Day Camps: 9a-12p, and 1p-4p
Full Day Camp: 9a-4p
Evening Camp: 6p-10p
Half Day Camp: $89 per child
Full Day Camp: $145 per child*
Evening Camp: $130 per child*
*Family rate available

  • Varied
  • 3-12
  • Reservation Required

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Safe, fun and

“This is by far the best experience I have ever had! The instructors were great and made us feel safe at all times. The fins course is really extreme and will definitely test your fear of heights! I recommend this to everyone! Great staff and great course!”
Gabriel O.
“I have done several zip line courses and this one is the BEST! Beautiful amazing course with very professional staff. Matt had some great jokes which helped distract one of the people in our group who was a bit nervous. If you have any doubts ….don’t you should DO IT! you will regret not going. We highly recommend.”
John H.
“This is one of those experiences you will never forget in your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of heights or not. These people are professionals and they are very concerned about safety all the time. Matt and Ali were absolutely amazing tour guides. They are constantly checking your gear and making sure that you do things in a safe way. I would highly recommend this tour to anybody who wants to experience something that just blows your mind for the rest of your life. It is not as scary as you think it is when you’re dealing with professionals.”
Damon H.

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