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Hiking Dehydration and Heat Stroke – How to Recognize and Treat Symptoms

It's important to be aware of dehydration and possible heat stroke when hiking in hot weather. Let's take a look…

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Colorado Springs for Thrill Seekers

Here are the top adventurous activities that Colorado Springs has to offer the thrill seekers out there.

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What is White Water Rafting?

Let's take a look at the basics of white water rafting to see if it's a good fit for your…

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Hot Weather Hiking Tips

Hiking in hot weather can be daunting and even dangerous. Let's discuss tips to keep you safe and cool on…

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What is Good Hiking Etiquette?

To make sure everyone enjoys their time outdoors, it's important to learn when and how to yield to other hikers…

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How to Bear Proof Your Campsite

It's very important to know how to adventure responsibly in bear country. Here, we'll discuss how to bear proof your…

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A Few Colorado Springs Activities You Might Enjoy

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