America the Beautiful (Woods 1)

This name references the poem and song “America the Beautiful” written by Katherine Lee Bates who was inspired by the beauty atop Pikes Peak

Bear-y Scary (Woods 2)

This name references the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, its founding, and relationship to the Broadmoor.

Zip to the Clouds (Woods 3)

This name references the 2nd longest running auto race in the country, the International Pikes Peak Hill Climb, or the Race to the Clouds.

A New Generation (Woods 4)

This name references the new generation of owners and leaders who will continue to improve and grow the Broadmoor Resort. They are responsible for the continuation of Penrose’s legacy and the reputation of the Broadmoor.

Gold Rush (Woods 5)

This name references the economic boom and rush of prospectors to the area when gold was discovered in 1890.

The Caretaker (Fins 1)

Cultural Crossroads (Fins 2)

This name references the Native American tribes who inhabited this area first and their tribal interactions.

Ramona’s Line (Fins 3)

This name pays homage to Helen Hunt Jackson, who’s empty grave is located at the start of zip 3. She wrote the famous book “Ramona”.

Little A (Bridge 1)

Palmer’s Vision (Bridge 2)

This name references the brilliant vision and ideas of Colorado Springs’ founder, William Jackson Palmer. There are wonderful views of the city he founded.,was%20the%20couple’s%20dream%20home.,those%20happening%20over%20the%20pond.

Millionaire’s View (Fins 4)

This name also plays off the beautiful views of the Fins course. These views of the “City of Millionaires” is really worth a million bucks.

The GOAT (Fins 5)

This name stands for the Greatest of All Time, in reference to the greatest Olympic athletes, such as Simone Biles or Michael Phelps. It is also our longest zip!

Packer’s Revenge (Rappel)

This name references Alferd Packer, the only man to be convicted of cannibalism in Colorado.

Pike’s Camp (Woods Lightning Shelter 1)

This name pays homage to Zebulon Pike, the namesake and original explorer of Pikes Peak.

Tuberculosis Hut (Woods Lightning Shelter 2)

This name is a reference to the small huts that were the home of tuberculosis patients as they recovered in the sun and dry air.

Tesla’s Lab (Fins Lightning Shelter)

This name references Nikola Tesla’s lab that was located near Memorial Park.

Cotton Club (Woods Gear Up)

This name pays homage to Fannie Mae Duncan’s Cotton Club that welcomed everyone, regardless of race, for an evening of fun.

Camp Carson (Fins Gear Up)

This name references the first name of Fort Carson and celebrates the large military presence in Colorado Springs.,promotion%20in%20a%20local%20newspaper.