Broadmoor Falconer with Eagle Owls

Deanna had her first raptor encounter at her son’s Cub Scout pack meeting in 1999, where a non-profit organization gave a presentation with live raptors. She was hooked from the first free-flight, and turned to her friend saying, “I am going to get a job doing that!” She started volunteering shortly after and was brought on staff as their head lecturer within two years.


In 2004 Deanna decided to become a licensed falconer and in 2011 became a master falconer. She then started her own non-profit organization in 2007 using non-releasable raptors for educational purposes. To date, she has trained and worked with 22 different species of raptors ranging in size from the small American kestrel to our iconic national symbol, the majestic bald eagle. Deanna was the first female President of the Colorado Hawking Club and has also served as Director-at-Large and as the Public Information Officer for North American Falconers Association. She is also a Certified Interpretive Guide under the auspices of the International Association of Interpretation.


Deanna landed her dream job working for Broadmoor Outfitters in January 2018, blending her two passions in life: raptor education and falconry.